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Bad Art returns with TOUCH ME BABY!

“Can’t you see that I am not afraid?”

An exhibition where you can touch the art…or give it a squeeze? A lick? A little tenderness? It’s up to you how intimate you want to get. These days we need something juicy to grab onto when the bulk of our world is through a touch screen.

Touch me Baby aims to integrate the art and public, dissolving feelings of intimidation and hierarchy. The role of the artist and viewer will reverse as each artwork evolves into new, unforeseen forms throughout the evening, dictated by the hand of the public. 

The second of its kind, and the fifth BAD ART show, the exhibition will also be held at Bones & Pearl Studio. Due to the transient nature of the show, it will only be on for the one night of Saturday 20th January. The evening will feature live music, complimentary refreshments and will be raising funds for Haringey Mind charity. Carefully curated by Anna Choutova the show will feature a selection of works by established and emerging artists. 

BAD ART are very excited to announce that the evening will be supported by Insecure Men and the adittion of some very special guests. 

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